Three generations of family tradition

What, back in 1957, was a small-scale craft business is today a leading name in the furniture industry, with a globe-spanning reputation.

Together with his wife Tea, Massimo Grifoni has grasped the baton handed to him by his father Vittorio – who is still very much a feature of the company, passing on his experience to the up-and-coming artisans – and has succeeded in combining a modern, entrepreneurial spirit with products that embody an exceptionally high degree of craftsmanship.

Indeed, today, as before, customers can request any customisations they want for the finishes, fabrics and decorations of all of the models in the catalogue. Accordingly, we are proud to describe ourselves as "Artisans in Florence since 1957".

To this day, the artisans – under the seasoned guidance of the founder Vittorio Grifoni – work manually to create nothing but one-off pieces, true works of art, the uniqueness of which is one of their principal virtues.

Vittorio Grifoni

Lines, finishes and decorations are re-cast from year to year in new shades thanks to the valuable input of Tea Grifoni, who merges a commitment to developing new styles with the experience of the interior designers, to come up with pieces that are always unique but instantly recognisable as Grifoni creations.

All of the decorations are always added by hand, in line with the 15th-century Florentine tradition.

Today, our customers can choose to personalise the decoration of the pieces, using the designs in our archive or requesting new decorations based on their preferences or the requirements of their interior designers.

“By aligning our work with our passion, we create unique objects that encapsulate what we are all about – family, realising long-cherished dreams, tapping potential.

This is what makes my Company an "atelier of ideas", which take shape to become unrepeatable works of art”.

Massimo Grifoni
The President